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Sikri Group ASA

Insight and interactions made effortless

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Our segments

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Providing critical software solutions to the public sector for case processing, building applications, archiving, and document management.

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Offering digital solutions based on real-estate data, providing professional players involved in developing, buying and selling property.

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Delivering a digital platform where property owners can take control of the documentation, condition, and value of their property.

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Within geoinformation, Metria offers services and solutions within geodata, property & real estate, consultancy & analysis and cloud solutions.

All our brands

Sikri Group has developed from a software house specializing in software and services towards the public sector, to becoming a leading company also within property data, property technology and data economics in the Nordics.


Our values


Our unique position, providing services that connects consumers, the private and public sector, gives us a holistic approach to product development. We don’t just think outside the box, we tear down its barriers.



We work together within each company and across the group, with our partners, clients and the public to create digital eco-systems that in turn enables society to work together and interact seamlessly. All because we believe collaboration is key to building a sustainable future.


We earn the trust of our colleagues, partners and clients, and strengthen trust in society by creating digital services that promotes transparency and enables smooth interaction between all.



Sustainability is a major inherent part of all our solutions. We believe in clever and responsible utilization of digital possibilities to reach our common goals. Reduced costs, effort and spent resources benefit people, society and the planet.